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My path as spiritual guide and sacred sex and relationship coach reflects my own journey in love and healing.

As a child, I remember connecting to my sexuality in a deep and profound way.  However, I remember oftentimes feeling shut down and closed off.  I grew up in an emotionally toxic environment, where feelings and needs were often suppressed, not well-communicated or even known.  As an empath, I could not put into words then what I know now and therefore, took on shame and fear, sexual and otherwise; I learned about shame and fear through multiple institutions: familial and societal.  As a result, I felt disempowered to speak up for my desires, fears and boundaries and my sexual relationships lacked intimacy, authenticity, vulnerability and care. 

It wasn’t until I started practicing spirituality daily that I began to wake up to a deeper desire for presence, emotional connection and love.  Choosing a spiritual life has helped me to essentially grow up and mature as a woman.  This growing up has offered me many experiences and opportunities to embody love and learn from my sexuality.  I started diving deeper into the studies of spirituality and sexuality in 2009, roughly 9 years ago.  My journey comes with great insights, heart-felt compassion, lineage and love.

As a result of my journey, I have a healthier relationship to myself and other people.  My boundaries are stronger and yet my approach is more soft and loving.  I am less reactive, more aware of my triggers, more aware of the all.  I now see with greater clarity and insight and my gifts can be expressed naturally.  For me, embracing sexuality as a part of my spiritual path has been key to embracing my human experience, accepting myself where I am at, follies and all.  It has helped me to feel, to love and accept myself as whole now, even despite the fact that I am still learning and making mistakes in the process.  I also have more love and compassion for our humanity, as we emask our human conditions and strive for a more harmonious way of life.   Also, my sex life and intimate relationships are much more satisfying, pleasurable and healing.  I feel so much more open, honest and willing to be vulnerable and real with myself and those around me. 

Because I have the personal experience of growing up as an empath in an emotionally toxic environment and because of my own journey uprooting shame and fear from my system, I have a deep desire and a lot of compassion for those who are struggling with shame and fear in their own lives. I feel blessed to be able to share the gifts I have been given, to support others on their path of deepening love and kindness with their sexuality, in their intimate relationships and with the world.

Academic Education:
⎈ BA in Sociology, minor in Environmental Studies

Foundational and Other Related Studies:

⎈ Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training -200 hrs
⎈ Mind and Meditation Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training-50 hrs

⎈ Tantra-Shakti Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 100 hour program
⎈ Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 100 hour program

⎈ Christ Consciousness studies via A Course in Miracles and Way of Mastery- Self-Study, 7 year

⎈ Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training: 30 hour

⎈ Somatica Method: Relationship and Sex Coaching Practitioner Training with Celeste and Danielle of Somatica Institute

⎈ SkyDancing Tantra Level 1 Teacher Training with Steve and Lokita Carter: 50 hours
⎈ Neo-Tantra Training with Evaleana Rose-6 months
⎈ Love Coach Training and Mentorship- Compassionate Communication and Relationship Coaching- with Scott Catamas and the Love Coach Academy- 2 years

⎈ Awakening to Love Leadership Program with Terces and Matthew Englehart, 2011
⎈ Stargate Mystery School/Shamanic Studies: Center for Sacred Studies 2013

⎈ Intentional Peer Support Training: 16 hours                                                                                        ⎈ Landmark Education-Curriculum for Living Program

⎈ Emotional Balance Program w/Acupressure Institute: 179 hours
⎈ Pelvic Heart Integration w/Taj Anapol: 40 hours +
⎈ Massage Therapy Certification with World School of Massage-over 230 hours
⎈ Energy Therapy Certification with HCH Institute- 60 hours
⎈ Totality Therapy Training w/Shakti Malan: 24 hours+
⎈ Dakini Mentorship with Triambika: 48 hours
⎈ Deep Tissue and Myo-fascial Release Trainings: 32 hours
⎈ Breema Bodywork Training 14 hours

“The sessions really helped me relax and using the techniques you taught me has made my relationship between my wife and I a lot better.”   -Michael, Roseville, CA

“I have experienced emotional and physical trauma in my life. I haven’t known the best practices and directions to take in order to truly feel healthy and strong. The session I completed with Paloma was very compassionate and accepting. She held a space for me to be vulnerable at my very core. I always felt secure and nourished. I will be using the tools she gave me to find the love within myself, and find the boundaries I need to navigate my physical experience. She is truly a healer.” Evan, Nevada County, CA

“Thank you for bringing several things to my awareness and guiding me to a practice that honors my divine nature with balance and self love.”
~ Bill, Sacramento, CA

“In one session I have learned so much from you.”
~ Mark, Mendocino, CA

“Thank you for a very educational and soul nurturing session. Your session has opened new doors for me.”
~ Steve, San Francisco, CA

“This is a lovely lady wise beyond her years, whose heartfelt desire is to help me become a more loving human being.  I have come to understand so much more about myself, looking at stories from my past relationships- then and now.  I never know what to expect from a session from Paloma, but it is always what I truly need. In a word, she is exquisite.”
~ John, Modesto, CA

“Paloma is a channel, and definitely serves as an emissary of the Goddess.  During my time with her, Paloma has expertly guided me to deeper aspects of my self.  Rarely do I find an activity or a person that can meet me and hold up a clear mirror that shows me who I am and who I am not.  Paloma does!  And she does it gently with grace and humility. I will say that working with Paloma is not for the casual wanderer.  Be prepared to be led to the edge of your unknown. I have heard transformation defined as the death of something that no longer serves, and the birth of something new and glorious to fill the void. I experience authentic transformation in the presence of Paloma.  In particular, my self-expression has undergone a huge transformation. I feel a new and expanded freedom to say, feel, engage and create as I wish.  The best thing I can say is that I trust her to guide me to deeper levels of myself. If you are ready for a profound dive into the divine, then contact Paloma and buckle your seat belts.”
~ Jay, Santa Rosa, CA

“I recently had the opportunity to see Paloma for a healing session. It was “the breath of fresh air” I had been looking for. Over the past 5 years I have lost my challenging career, 5 homes and my health. I have been house-less for the past year and have been searching for something to ground me. Paloma’s sweet awareness and non-judgemental approach have been a literal “life-saver”. She has really helped me to find a deeper self intimacy which has also led to a deeper connection to my husband of 38 years. Needles s to say all these changes have effected our relationship and with Paloma’s guidance we are re-building and re-discovering the freshness and true love we have had for each other over the years. She has shown me that when we are both grounded as individuals we can be together to assist in growing as a couple. I find that by grounding myself and accepting the beauty and connection to nature I can flow through the day and see positive possibilities and not feel defeated by what “the world” has done to me. Wonderful.”
~ Golden, Bay Area, Oakland, CA

“I came to Paloma with the goal of exploring and healing some emotional wounding, and doing so within the safe container of nurturing, supportive and loving touch and holding. From my previous brief encounter with Paloma, I had an intuition that she was up for the task, and my intuition proved to be correct. Paloma’s touch and her general presence combine qualities such as exquisitely sensitive hands, a deeply loving heart, humor and playfulness, and an unusual comfort with very intimate (non-sexual) touch and vulnerable emotions. In addition, I got a chance to benefit from Paloma’s spiritual coaching skills and her ability to help transform fearful thoughts and attitudes into loving affirmation of one’s deeper essence.”
~ Matt, San Francisco, CA

“I only wish there were more stars to give Paloma!  She is one of the best practitioners I have ever worked with.  She is the real deal.  Get ready for an incredible, healing massage or a life-changing coaching session that will no doubt change your life.  She gets it.  She practices what she preaches.  She’s powerful.  She is wise.  She is grounded.  She really and truly wants your life to be great and for you to love yourself and she knows how to help make that happen.  She is especially great for those with big challenges, health issues or those who have a hard time opening up.  She creates such a safe and unconditional space… incredible.  10 stars!”
~ Adrienne, Los Angeles, CA

“Paloma is for real!  She scanned me completely in the first moments of our session and went straight into the root of my problem.  I didn’t have to say much, she just knew what I was dealing with.  Then she accessed my condition on all levels – physical, spiritual and emotional.  I felt that she cared for me more than I was capable to care for myself. She kept asking the right questions and giving me her precise, healing touch.  Her gift is obvious and she uses it in a way that made my heart sing. Also, I could feel her great strength and confidence to work with whatever might come up.  Much respect!”
~ Danesh, San Anselmo, CA

“Paloma is wonderful and very real. I took a kundalini yoga class she was substituting and decided to get some private lessons on breathing, kriyas and healing. Every session leaves me feeling uplifted and energetic. She is very caring, knows what you need to work on during each session and I always feel comfortable around her. Highly recommended.”
~ Benito, San Jose, CA

“Paloma is a great healer. The last session I had with her was truly a transformation.  I have been doing a lot of self-healing and had made a lot of progress, but my session with her took my healing to the next level. I am very grateful for Paloma and the work that she does. I felt very safe in her presence and was able to let go of many negative thoughts and feelings that were not working for me. I am not sure I could have done that with out her.”
~ Nicole, San Francisco, CA

“It’s a gift to open the passages of time and allow the goodness and wisdom of the spirit to move freely to heal where needed and let its presence be felt as a continuum in ones life. It’s a gift to work with tender certainty, with strong subtlety, with the strength of joy.
Paloma possesses such gifts, and to those who work with her in total trust, they will be provide such gifts on themselves. Thank Paloma”
~ Numi, Puerto Rico

“Paloma is extraordinary!  I have had a lot of great massage and energy work sessions from some great healers over the decades,yet none as healing as Paloma’s. Her energy work is intuitive,flowing,relaxing & restorative.The love of spirit flows through her healing hands. I leave feeling totally renewed.  I have also taken up kundalini yoga with Paloma as my teacher.  This practice is challenging, yet so spiritually uplifting, expansive and invigorating and fun; it’s growing me by leaps & bounds.  As a spiritual wellness coach, Paloma has helped me open up and raise my awareness as to where I still have some limiting beliefs and fears that are not serving myself or our Oneness.  I am honored to have such loving,kind, understanding, compassionate, considerate, empathic, trustworthy being of love & light as Paloma, who is so dedicated to being of service to the ONE and the Spiritual awakening of our humanity, as my mentor. She is, to me, a leader in the awakening of love.  I am also profusely grateful that she has so well integrated  the healing arts in her offerings, that I can get a lot of help from one coach.  Thank you Paloma !
~ Lovejoy, Washington

“I loved working with Paloma. I’d never worked with a spiritual coach before, and I didn’t really even know what I was coming for or what we were going to do, but it was consistently safe, valuable, and awesome. Paloma is a beautiful spirit.”
~ Josh, Santa Rosa, CA

“Paloma is a creative and committed healer! Starting with an exploration of my life and focusing on the aspects and fields I want to change, she was able to clear my vision and help me remove the veils from the obstacles in order for me to see my own limitations and understand in depth and where they are coming from. I felt safe and guided throughout the session and came out very empowered and positive thinking about my life, my path’s direction and clear about my next steps towards my own freedom.  Thank you Paloma! I appreciate you and the work you did with me! I’m looking forward for more to come”
~ Merav D., Berkely, CA

“Paloma is an amazing healer and coach. She has worked with me along with my business mentor to help further my own business and how to approach the blocks and negative attachments that have kept me from moving forward. She weaves together her many skills and actively listens and applies them as needed. She is present every step of the way. I feel heard and inspired by her. I highly recommend her. I believe she is a coach that will help you to move fully in the direction you desire.”
~ Maui D.G., Oakland, CA

“Paloma is a master at what she does. Her hands are those of a natural healer.  She brought to consciousness a place inside me I had not before been able to access. I am forever grateful for the gift of her mere presence.”
~ Drea M., San Francisco, CA

What is a Dakini?

The path of a dakini, of a healer, inspires me.  She is not an idol but a voice within to be acknowledged.

Every woman has a dakini in her.

The dakini is a healer who embodies her feminine, sexual-sensual essence.  She is an embodiment of feminine wisdom.  She is mystical, with the energy and power to uplift, elevate and enlighten spiritual seekers on their path to grow. In form, she is someone who is on a spiritual path; she can be seen as a playful spirit, a sky-dancer, a muse, a spiritual director, a minister, a sacred intimate, a priestess, and/or an artist among many. Ultimately, the dakini is formless; but in form, she is committed to waking up, to Self-realization, to living in love, peace, joy and freedom.

Do you teach religion?

 In our consultation, I always ask about your spiritual beliefs and/or religious faith. I seek to understand your faith and hold it with respect and honor.  It is my desire to create a unified field of true connection and experienced intimacy, beyond philosophy and discourse.

With that said, I would say I am an advocate of spiritual and physical practices that promote deeper love, health and wellness.  I believe in a higher power that is unconditionally loving, absent of judgment, fear and punishment.  I value the universal teachings in all religions but I also encourage looking within to see if a teaching really resonates as true.   I would say I am not a fan of idolatry (God is outside, only attainable through church, priests or monks) but rather believe in an “inner light” that is within.  My desire is to help you access this inner light that is within you.

Are you are Massage Therapist? Do you offer massage?

 I am not a Licensed Massage Therapist.  I do offer energy therapies and cuddling sessions.  Please see my Wellness Therapy Sessions page.

 Are you an Erotic Service Provider?

I am not an Erotic Service Provider; I do not provide services simply for the purpose of being entertained.  Also, sessions are clothes-on.

What is the difference between a Wellness Therapy Session and a Sexuality and Relationship Coaching Session?

Wellness therapy sessions are for people whose systems are overloaded with information and thoughts.  It is for people who want to receive therapeutic, healing touch, who want to process and integrate their life experiences, develop a self-care/self-love practice, and calm and relax their nervous systems. The main goal in mind for wellness therapy sessions are healing, integration and wellness.

Sexuality and relationship coaching is created with your goals in mind.  Generally you come to a session with a desire to improve some area of your life regarding sex and intimate relationships.  There is generally more talking, coaching and skill-sharing in coaching sessions.

Both sessions are experiential, body-based and can be a learning experience; however, wellness therapy sessions may liken to be more of a treatment or guided self-care session and less like a coaching session.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Please offer a 24 hour cancellation period.  If you cancel within 24 hours of your session,  I kindly ask for a $30 cancellation fee sent via paypal to