Paloma Dakini

“When you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another and to God.” ~ Kahlil Gibran


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Sacred Relationship: Sex, Love and Intimacy Coaching

 Supporting You in Manifesting and Sustaining Healthy, Loving Relationships

Our relationship and sex lives play an important role in our quality of life and shapes our many experiences throughout our lives.

Growing up in a fear-based, patriarchal society that prides on getting, achieving, competing and being more (or never being enough), we forget to honor the part of us that is self-aware, playful, sensual, present, and creative. When this happens, we end up feeling bored, disconnected, lonely… cut off from who we are and why we are here. Because of fear, our drive for competition and getting many times outweighs the great beauty and love that comes when we are being present, vulnerable and engaged with one another.

Living in this modern world, many of us, both men and women, grow up feeling insecure and depressed. The relationships we get into end up being riddled with fear and anxiety. Many relationships as a result easily become codependent, abusive, and disempowering. Addictions ensue. Unless brought to awareness and dealt with, relationships become a battlefield rather than a playground of support, exploration and celebration.

Many individuals avoid relationships all together. Some individuals end up overly sexual; they sexualize everything around them and then feel frustrated that they can’t attract deep, meaningful relationships into their lives. Some end up with low desire, seemingly not interested in sex or relationships. Because of past pain, fear and misunderstanding, many individuals avoid relationships they want and/or self-sabotage shortly after getting into them

Couples oftentimes find themselves in sexless marriages. Because of mismatched desires, fear, trauma and/or lack of communication, many relationships are push-pull relationships, or relationships that are withdrawn and lack luster.  This propels many individuals to outsource dishonestly, resulting in affairs and divorce.  Not addressing the underlying issues may further feed disconnection, resentment and loss of intimacy when a couple does stay together.

Regardless of wheter you are a couple or an individual seeking support, the question to ask is: how much longer do you want to be having this issue/struggle?  How much longer do you want to live feeling regretful of the sex-life and intimate relationships you didn’t have? How much time will come to pass living with the fear of not enough, or the fear of rejection and disappointment?

Set Your Love Free is a series of clothes-on sessions and workshops that will help you to discover the love inside of you, attract and sustain an ideal mate, overcome fear and anxiety, increase confidence and create a life of healing, supportive relationships, joy and enhanced fulfillment. Working to enhance your relationship and sex lives is an important key for the health and sustainability of any relationship.

As a coach, I support and guide you to:

Connect with the love inside of you and share that with others

Heal the blocks that prevent you from being more fully you

Cultivate more capacity for love

Create and manifest the kind of relationships that are supportive, healing and creative

Relax into your trusted self

Learn tools for self-healing and healing relationships

Below are specific issues I work with men, women and couples on:

Men, I can help you to:

  • Overcome shame about your desires
  • Work through sexual dysfunctions including Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and delayed ejaculation
  • Date consciously
  • Relax your anxieties around sex and being in a relationship
  • Face your insecurities around performance and love-ability
  • Become connected and comfortable with your own and others emotions
  • Practice lifelong romantic, passionate and/or dominant seduction of your partners
  • Bring confident erotic energy, sensual touch and intoxicating words
  • Understand women
  • Identify and communicate your own sexual needs
  • Clarify your relationship to porn and address porn and sex addiction
  • Heal from and embrace your sexuality after a history of sexual abuse

Women, I can help you to:

  • Find out the underlying causes of your low desire so you can reignite or discover your interest in sex
  • Overcome insecurities about desirability, love-ability
  • Address sexual dysfunction including anorgasmia or difficulty orgasming and pelvic pain
  • Gain clarity about your fantasies and desires
  • Learn to communicate clear boundaries and lower your chances of sexual violation and abuse
  • Ask for what you want lovingly and increase the likelihood of getting it
  • Deal with underlying pain and disappointment so you can shift unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Practice conscious, empowered dating
  • Experience the fulfillment of surrendering and receiving
  • Move beyond shame about sexual expression
  • Become familiar with your body and an expert on your own arousal
  • Heal from and embrace your sexuality after a history of sexual abuse

Couples, I can help you:

  • Become creative and communicative to reignite the spark in your sex life
  • Move past your sexless marriage or low sex relationship to find a healthy sex life again
  • Learn more loving and connecting forms of communication and address long-term resentments
  • Heal from an affair
  • Bridge differences in desires
  • Heal from the effects of sexual dysfunction on the relationship




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