Paloma Dakini

“When you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another and to God.” ~ Kahlil Gibran


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Services & Sessions


Sacred Relationship Coach

Emotional Wellness Therapist




Sacred Relationship: Sex, Love and Intimacy Coaching


  • Are you seeking to enhance connection and intimacy between you and your other relationships?
  • Are you looking to more effectively communicate your desires, fears and boundaries with others?
  • Do you feel disconnected, isolated, frustrated, depressed or lonely?
  • Are you looking for ways to spice up your sex & intimate life with your current or prospective Beloved?

We are at a time in history where we are in dire need for a return of the Divine masculine/feminine energies to awaken within us.  What does this mean?  It means that the feeling tone energy and our emotions that are within us have been blocked, suppressed and denied.  It means that our ability to create, to love BIG, to give & receive love has been tainted, disguised, blurred and distracted.  This has led us to become human doers, constantly seeking ways to distract ourselves, while being confused and clouded in our minds in the process.

The Divine feminine within us is an allowing, receptive presence that gently guides and lovingly holds space.  She is the call for abundance, creativity, unity, connection, sensuality and love.  She is the call within us to heal our sexuality and live in our heart.  The Divine Masculine within us is the ability to see, to expand, to know & to hold space.  These energies are both within us.  They are meant to be balanced within us and their balance/imbalance are reflected in our relationships as a result.

In essence we are all mirrors for each other.

As a Sacred relationship: sex, love and intimacy coach, I am here to be a mirror, to support and guide you to emotionally-sexually-spiritually heal.  I am here to help you connect with your consciousness, to Self-discover, and to provide holistic support and guidance for you to live the most sexually empowered, embodied life of love.  As a coach and guide, this means addressing relationship problems, such as sexual fears, haunting and/or negative thoughts, and tools to awaken the heart.  Whether you are a couple or are on a solo journey, I am a supportive and trusted guide.

As a coach, I support and guide you to:

Connect with the love inside of you and share that with others

Heal the blocks that prevent you from being more fully you

Cultivate more capacity for love

Create and manifest the kind of relationships that are supportive, healing and creative

Relax into your trusted self

Learn tools for self-healing and healing relationships with others



Wellness Therapy Sessions

  • Do you need to relax and unwind? 
  • Do you find yourself stressed out, unable to be present or even to think clearly?
  • Are you on a healing path, in need of nourishing, safe touch and mind-body-spiritual attunement?
  • Are you wanting to learn self-healing tools or are you seeking support in developing a self-care or spiritual practice?

Wellness therapy sessions are provided to support integration of life processes, to balance the nervous system, and relax the mind. Sessions are done ritualistically, in a sacred space. Wellness therapy sessions combine a variety of tools that may include a combination of talking, with bodywork, reiki, chakra balancing, toning, singing, yoga, meditation, guided imagery, jin-shin acupressure, breema and aromatherapy.  Sessions are provided to support you in developing a self-care practice as well as to simply relax and receive safe, healing touch and care.


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